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If You Build It, They Won’t Come: Buying state of the art technology alone isn't enough

The printing industry has come a long way, and with advancements like digital print embellishment, the possibilities now seem endless. However, a modern machine alone doesn't guarantee success in attracting high-quality clients. Brands and agencies need to be educated on the unique benefits and applications of these capabilities, which calls for a well-thought-out strategy. This guide delves into the necessity of using samples, lookbooks, and ROI data to not only capture attention but also to create sustainable demand for your digital print embellishment services.

The Illusion of the ‘Field of Dreams’ Strategy

Too many businesses fall into the trap of the “Field of Dreams” strategy—buying an advanced machine and assuming that "if you build it, they will come." This approach overlooks the essential component of market education and demand creation, particularly in specialized sectors like digital print embellishment where the technology itself is not fully understood or appreciated by potential clients.

The Gap in Awareness and Demand

The first step in crafting a meaningful strategy is acknowledging the gap in market awareness and demand. Brands and agencies often default to what they know—digital advertising, traditional print methods, etc.—and the myriad possibilities of digital print embellishments go unnoticed.

The Anatomy of Effective Education

Crafting Spectacular Samples

First impressions are often lasting ones, and nothing leaves a more vivid first impression than a hands-on experience with a stunning product sample. The process of creating samples should be well-planned and strategic. Here's how to make the most of it:

Material Choices

Different materials can significantly impact the end result of your embellishments. Make sure to select materials that not only showcase your capabilities but are also relevant to the potential applications that a brand or agency might consider.

Design Complexity

Aim for a balanced mix of simple and complex designs to demonstrate the range of what your machine can achieve. While straightforward designs may appeal to brands with conservative tastes, intricate designs can lure those looking to push creative boundaries.

The Power of a Lookbook

A lookbook isn't just a catalog; it's an inspirational tool. Here's how to make it impactful:

Target Industry Applications

Your lookbook should contain examples relevant to different industries, whether it be cosmetics, fashion, or food and beverages. This way, you can appeal to brands and agencies across sectors, expanding your potential customer base.


Each example should come with a brief narrative, explaining the thought process behind the design and its potential application. Stories can make your lookbook more engaging and relatable, giving brands and agencies an easier time imagining how they could utilize your services.

Leverage ROI Data: Numbers Don’t Lie

In a world that increasingly relies on data-driven decisions, ignoring the numbers is a perilous mistake.

Case Studies with Real-World Scenarios

Real-world examples that tie in both aesthetic quality and financial gains are incredibly potent. They offer a well-rounded perspective that not only inspires but also justifies investment in your services.

ROI Projections and Simulations

Simulated ROI projections based on real data can provide a safety net for hesitant decision-makers. By demonstrating potential gains against projected costs, you're giving them the financial validation they often seek before diving in.

Implementation: Making Education Scalable and Sustainable

Webinars and Online Courses

In our digital age, online education platforms are indispensable. Hosting webinars or creating short courses can scale your educational efforts, reaching a larger audience without significant ongoing investment.

Sales Team Training

Your sales team should be well-versed in both the technical and financial aspects of your digital print embellishment services. They need to be equipped to answer questions, handle objections, and effectively communicate ROI to prospective clients.

Post-Sale Education

The education process should not end once the sale is made. Continuous updates on new capabilities, methods, and successful case studies can keep your existing clients engaged and open to further collaboration.

The Holistic Approach to Market Education and Demand Creation

If you want to unlock the full potential of your investment in digital print embellishment technology, you must be willing to take on the role of an educator. By combining eye-catching samples and lookbooks with compelling ROI data, you’re doing more than just marketing your services—you're creating a new market space where your services are understood, valued, and in demand.

Remember, in a world teeming with options, awareness is only the first step. Education is the path that transforms that awareness into appreciation, and ultimately, into sustainable demand. Therefore, if you build it, they won't just come—you have to lead them to you, compellingly and convincingly.

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