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Experience Your Print Embellishment Like Never Before               

Introducing Reaktor:
The Ultimate Preview, Where Virtual Touches Reality

Reaktor, a pioneering cloud-based solution by Taktiful Software Solutions, transforms how artists, designers, brands, and printers bring their print embellishments to life. In a realm where tangible samples reign supreme and digital renditions fall short, Reaktor stands out by offering the most authentic virtual preview experience of embellished prints available today.
The journey from digital design to physical print is fraught with unpredictability. What looks perfect on-screen often loses its intended effect once printed, especially with complex embellishments. Reaktor eradicates this disconnect, ensuring that your digital designs translate flawlessly to print.

Why Reaktor is a Game-Changer

Experience Your Design Like Never Before

  • Interactive 3D Previews: Reaktor lets you explore your designs in a virtual 3D space, offering unparalleled insight into how your embellishments will play with light and shadow in the real world.

  • Cloud-Based Flexibility: Access your projects from anywhere, collaborate with team members or clients, and make real-time adjustments to your designs—all within a secure, cloud-based environment.

  • True-to-Life Embellishments: With Reaktor, the guesswork is over. Preview your embellishments as they would appear in real life, understanding every nuance, from light reflections to texture, before committing to print.

Streamline Your Workflow

  • Faster Approvals, More Upselling: Share virtual proofs with clients effortlessly, speeding up the approval process and opening opportunities to upsell without the need for physical samples.

  • Seamless Integration: Designed to work hand-in-hand with Taktiful's suite of software solutions, Reaktor fits perfectly into your workflow, enhancing productivity and creativity across the board.

  • Simplicity at Its Core: Getting started with Reaktor is as easy as uploading a PDF file. Its user-friendly interface ensures that you can focus on creating stunning designs, not navigating complex software.

Transforming Imagination into Reality

Reaktor bridges the gap between digital fantasies and tangible masterpieces. It's not just about seeing your designs; it's about experiencing them—understanding every element and ensuring they're exactly as envisioned before hitting print.

Ready to Experience the Unparalleled?

Embrace the future of print design with Reaktor. Dive into a world where your embellishments come to life, just as you imagined them, and discover the true potential of your designs.

 Elevate your design process, streamline client approvals, and unlock new creative possibilities. Contact us to learn more or to see Reaktor in action.

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