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Dynamic AI Based Print Pricing: A Taktiful Case Study with The Kennickell Group

In the dynamic world of digital print, the pricing strategy can make or break the profitability and market competitiveness of a business. Taktiful Software Solutions, known for its innovative approach in the digital print embellishment industry, has once again proven its leadership through a groundbreaking case study with The Kennickell Group. This case study is pivotal as it showcases the transformation from traditional cost-plus pricing models to a more dynamic, market-bearable pricing strategy, facilitated by Taktiful's AI-powered tool, Taktify.

The Pricing Challenge

The Kennickell Group, like many in the print industry, was caught in the whirlwind of manual, time-consuming pricing processes that often resulted in inaccuracies and delays. The lack of a standardized pricing model meant the company was often "shooting from the hip," leading to pricing strategies that were neither efficient nor reliably profitable.

The Taktify Solution

The integration of Taktify transformed these uncertainties into precise, AI-driven pricing strategies. The tool not only streamlined the pricing process but also aligned it with market values, optimizing profitability. The immediate impact was clear—faster turnaround times for quotes and more confident pricing decisions that truly reflected the value of the services offered.

Positive Market Reception

The shift was initially met with hesitation from Kennickell’s sales team, fearing customer pushback against AI-recommended prices. However, the market response was overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating little resistance to the new value-based pricing model. This transition led to not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also a significant boost in profits.

Empowering Through AI

Taktiful's commitment to leveraging AI for industry advancement is evident in the success stories of clients like The Kennickell Group. According to Jana Johnson, Vice President of Administration at The Kennickell Group, "The introduction of Taktify revolutionized our pricing strategy from the very first day." This sentiment is a testament to the potential of AI in transforming business practices.

Kevin Abergel, President and Founder of Taktiful, highlighted the broader implications of such innovations, noting that "AI can redefine industry norms and drive significant business results."

Looking Forward

The case study between Taktiful and The Kennickell Group is more than a success story; it's a blueprint for other companies in the industry seeking to improve their pricing strategies and overall business efficiency. Taktiful continues to pave the way for digital transformation in the print industry, promising more innovative solutions that meet real-world needs.

For more detailed insights from this case study, visit Taktify Case Studies.




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