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Taktiful Features

Discover the powerful tools and capabilities that make Taktify the go-to platform for digital print embellishment professionals. Our robust suite of features is designed to streamline your workflow, enhance productivity, and unlock new possibilities for your business. From intuitive project management and cost estimation tools to advanced material selection and pricing modules, Taktify has everything you need to optimize your operations and deliver exceptional results. Explore this section to discover how Taktify can revolutionize your approach to digital embellishment and keep your business ahead of the curve.

Price Recommendations

The pricing recommendation feature of Taktify is a game-changer for digital print embellishment professionals.


Say goodbye to the guesswork and uncertainty of pricing your services. Our intelligent algorithm analyzes various factors such as project complexity, materials, labor, geographic area and market trends to generate accurate and competitive pricing recommendations.


With this feature, you can confidently quote your clients, knowing that your pricing is optimized for profitability while remaining competitive in the market. Streamline your pricing process and maximize your earning potential with Taktify's pricing recommendation feature.

Sweet Spot

Leveraging your application-specific historic sales wins and losses, this feature identifies the optimal pricing range that has yielded successful outcomes in the past.


By analyzing your own sales data, Taktify helps you identify the "sweet spot" where pricing aligns with market demand and maximizes your chances of winning projects.


This data-driven approach enables you to fine-tune your pricing decisions, increasing your profitability and minimizing the risk of underpricing or losing potential business.


Unlock the power of historical insights with Taktify's sweet spot feature and make informed pricing decisions that drive your business forward.

Micro & Macro
Trend Analysis

The trends analysis feature of Taktify is your key to staying ahead of the curve in the digital print embellishment industry.


With this powerful tool, you can gain valuable insights into the latest market trends, identifying which applications, verticals, and finishes are currently in high demand and which ones are losing popularity.


Stay informed about the hottest trends in the industry and make data-driven decisions to align your business offerings with market needs.


Whether it's spotting emerging trends or adjusting your focus based on shifting demands, Taktify's trends analysis feature empowers you to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving market. Stay ahead of the competition and make informed strategic decisions with Taktify's trends analysis feature.

File Coverage Estimator

The coverage estimator feature of Taktify is a popular feature for digital print embellishment professionals seeking precise estimates.


With this innovative tool, you can simply upload your file, and Taktify will instantly calculate the coverage percentage for each layer of embellishment in your file. By providing you with an exact consumable usage estimate, you can accurately assess the material requirements, labor costs, and production timelines for your project.


This feature eliminates the guesswork and allows you to make informed decisions, ensuring that your estimates are both accurate and efficient. Streamline your estimating process and enhance your project planning with Taktify's coverage estimator feature, saving you time, resources, and delivering exceptional results.

Cost Breakdown

The cost breakdown feature of Taktify is a powerful tool that provides users with an exact and detailed understanding of their costs.


With this feature, you can gain full visibility into the various elements that contribute to the overall cost of your digital print embellishment projects. From material expenses and labor costs to equipment usage and additional overhead, Taktify's cost breakdown feature breaks down every aspect, allowing you to analyze and optimize your cost structure effectively.


By providing a comprehensive breakdown, you can identify potential areas for cost savings, make informed decisions on resource allocation, and ensure that your pricing accurately reflects your expenses.


Take control of your costs and maximize your profitability with Taktify's cost breakdown feature, giving you the confidence and insight needed for successful project management.

Client Management Tools

The Client Management feature of Taktify is a versatile tool that empowers users to efficiently manage their clients and streamline their workflow. With this feature, you can generate estimates seamlessly, ensuring accurate and timely proposals for your clients.


Additionally, you can analyze client trends, gaining valuable insights into their preferences, past projects, and patterns of engagement. This information allows you to personalize your offerings, tailor your services to their specific needs, and build stronger client relationships.


Furthermore, Taktify's Client Management feature enables you to generate comprehensive reports directly from the platform, saving you time and effort in compiling and analyzing data manually. Enhance your client interactions, optimize your operations, and drive business growth with Taktify's Client Management feature.


ZIP Code Accelerator

Introducing Taktify's revolutionary Zip Code Market Accelerator Feature, designed to take your digital print embellishment business to the next level.


Understanding the local market landscape is essential for competitive pricing, and our new feature empowers your decision-making by analyzing the zip codes where your products are being sold.


By adjusting the pricing based on local economic variables, such as demand, cost of living, and prevailing market rates, the Zip Code Market Accelerator provides real-time insights to ensure you're positioned optimally in each local market.


With the integration of this feature, you're not only responding to the immediate market conditions but also proactively adapting to evolving regional trends, ensuring that your pricing strategy is both competitive and profitable.


Embrace the future of digital print embellishment with Taktify and stay ahead of the curve.


Application Accelerator

Explore a world of precision and personalization with Taktify's Application Accelerator Feature. In the diverse field of digital print embellishment, understanding the specific application of your products is vital to achieving optimal pricing.


Our state-of-the-art feature delves into the intricacies of each application, whether it's cannabis, packaging, weddings, or any specialized use, and adjusts the pricing according to relevant economic variables.


By recognizing and responding to the particular demands, materials, and trends of each application, the Application Accelerator Feature ensures that your pricing strategy is as refined and targeted as your products themselves.


Embrace a new level of customization and adaptability with Taktify, and let the Application Accelerator Feature guide your business to unprecedented success


Market Vertical Accelerator

Unlock unparalleled insights with Taktify's Market Vertical Accelerator Feature, a groundbreaking innovation tailored for the ever-changing world of digital print embellishment.


Our sophisticated technology analyzes the specific industry vertical your products are penetrating, adjusting pricing strategies to align with distinctive economic variables and industry nuances.


Whether you're targeting the fashion sector, healthcare, automotive, or any other vertical, this feature dynamically adapts pricing to reflect the unique demands, regulations, and trends of each market segment.


By leveraging this in-depth understanding of various industries, the Market Vertical Accelerator Feature ensures that your pricing remains both competitive and aligned with specific industry economics.


Dive into a tailored approach that enhances profitability and sharpens your competitive edge with Taktify's Market Vertical Accelerator Feature.

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Revenue Assurance Module

Enhance your control over profitability with Taktify's Revenue Assurance Feature, a pioneering solution for digital print embellishment businesses.


This powerful tool enables estimators to revisit the estimate even after the embellishment has been completed, granting the ability to upload the correct embellishment files, make adjustments for actual production time and waste, and critically analyze the final profit margins.


By bridging the gap between estimation and reality, the Revenue Assurance Feature ensures that you have an accurate understanding of how much money was truly made on the job.


With this increased transparency and control, you can refine future estimates, eliminate hidden inefficiencies, and maximize profits.


Trust in Taktify's Revenue Assurance Feature to bring clarity to your bottom line and support your journey toward sustained financial success.

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